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Super Bowl Recipes

March 14, 2024

It's here! The big day when we get to eat all the Super Bowl appetizer recipes, snacks, and finger foods our heart desires. We’ve rounded up our best Super Bowl recipes for your entertaining needs.


homemade queso dip in a bowl topped with cilantro and diced onion with a chip being dipped into the queso


Shrimp, the perfect finger food. Handhelds like sticky shrimp lettuce wraps and shrimp tacos, to dippers like shrimp cocktail and coconut shrimp, your Super Bowl party needs some shrimp, and we got the recipes.

Cheesy Dips

Is five cheese dips too many? Because we want to eat all of these at the next Super Bowl party we go to. Each one is a classic in its own right, so you can’t go wrong.

Super Bowl Dip Recipes

Make sure you’ve got a couple of bags of your favorite potato chips around, because you’re going to need them for all these dips. There’s something for everyone here, so don’t be shy and make a couple!

Cornbread, Goes With Everything

Bread products are a must for any Super Bowl snacking celebration, and cornbread is an easy crowd pleaser. We’ve got a few fun varieties for you to try.

Chili Scores All The Points

Crock pot or stove-top, make a batch of chili and make friends with everyone at the party. We’ve got options for vegetarians, the paleo crew, and those willing to put in some time for a seriously good chili.

Healthy Super Bowl Recipes

Throw in a couple of these fresh and flavorful recipes to make sure everyone gets some fresh veggies into their bodies on game day.

Taco Touchdown

You’ll want one these tacos in each hand. Five great recipes, including an easy oven-baked crispy chicken taco, and a slow cooker beef recipe. Tacos! Surprisingly easy to make for a crowd.

Mac & Cheese

Frankly, our Super Bowl party could exist on mac & cheese alone. We’ve made many a tasty mac & cheese at The Modern Proper, and these are a few of our faves. It’s an indulgent comfort food that matches the Super Bowl spirit.

Pork Super Bowl Recipes

Here’s a few slow cooked numbers for the pork crowd, plus our favorite sausage rolls that never last long at a party, so we always make double. Pork, the foundation of many easy Super Bowl recipes.

Classic Dishes For Every Super Bowl Party

You know how there’s some dishes you *hope* are going to be at the Super Bowl party, but might not be a guarantee? We suggest making any recipe from this list—they’re classics for a reason, and everyone is hoping they’ll be at the party.

Mexican Inspired

Some of our favorite Super Bowl recipes are these easy bakes, one skillet wonder, and a big bowl of guacamole.

Sandwich & Burgers

The people have spoken, and they want sandwiches, specifically any of these ones. But especially a fried chicken sandwich.


What’s easier than a big pot of soup for a crowd? We’ve chosen a few of our favorites for your Super Bowl festivities.

The Super Bowl Runs On Chicken Wings

It’s true, it isn’t a Super Bowl party without at least one platter of wings. We’ve got four finger-lickin’ wing recipes to make your party a hit.


There’s a few great dippy things, and a few great snacky things on our list of chicken recipes. Make any or all, and they’re sure be a hit.

Bar Food

These bar classics are on every menu for a reason. We think fried pickles should be featured at every Super Bowl party.


Potatoes are another genre of Super Bowl food we’re always happy to see, including Irish Nachos! Never heard of them? Be sure to have a look at the recipe!

More Super Bowl Food You’ll Love

Last but not least! Any of the recipes on this list will be well-received. From easy finger foods, to our homemade spaghetti sauce (great for dipping) we’re sure you’ll find some favorites here.

Game On

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Super Bowl Recipes

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  • Jenn

    Thanks for putting so many perfect super bowl recipes in one spot can't wait to make my menu in a couple weeks! I made the buffalo chicken bites last year and will definitely be making those again this year.

    Thanks Jenn, those bites are super delish! Glad you'll be making them again!

  • Tresa

    I've made so many of these and love them all! Queso dip, spinach and artichoke dip (best ever), instant pot mac and cheese and taco soup are among my favorites. Highly recommend.

    Thanks Tresa, so glad you love so many on this list!