“If there is any concept worth restoring to its original depth and evocative potential, it is the concept of hospitality.” ~Henri Nowen

Our hope

The Modern Proper’s mission is to reinvent proper and the lost art of hospitality for the modern homemaker. While the meticulous rules of etiquette formed centuries ago had their place and value, our goal is not merely to reimpose those arduous practices but rather re-introduce you to the heart and original intent behind them– bringing people together.

We believe that sharing food and your home leads to sharing life. Inviting others around your table is a beautiful way to strengthen friendships and build community. It’s time to change the way people think about hospitality, one delicious meal at a time.

Our story

The Modern Proper team consists of two mothers, five children, and one great Pacific Northwest. It was while on one of our many trail walks, splashing through streams and hunting for blackberries with our then 4 children, that The Modern Proper was born. We found ourselves having our hundredth-something conversation about what we could make with what we’d foraged when the topic shifted towards blogging. We both shared stories of our past solo-blogging failures and decided that if we worked together, we’d find our aspirations much easier to attain.

With our shared love for food, hosting, creating and gathering people, we set out to make The Modern Proper. Together, we’re able to balance our five, rambunctious kiddos and regular, relevant posts in time for you to read. A true team effort, the creation of most of these posts involve one person stirring tirelessly on the stove or balancing on a stool with a camera in hand, while the other entertains the kids.

At The Modern Proper, our cooking always consists of seasonal foods. We are native Northwestern foragers and thus, always out to find the freshest and most delicious items for our meals. Most of the recipes you’ll find here are from scratch, written and developed by us, or adapted from recipes that have inspired us in the past.

Though food is our first love, we believe every aspect of homemaking deserves proper tending to. From crafting to organizing local adventures for our kids, our content involves beauty and connecting with those around us.

If you are a homemaker today with a similar passion for hospitality, we welcome you to join us in making the home just a little bit warmer and more inviting.


Due to the fact that we spend much of our time cultivating our homes and cooking over our stoves, we are passionate about the products we use. If you think your goods belong in our home, kitchen and ovens we would love to explore sharing it with our readers and fellow home makers. Please reach out for more details.

– Natalie & Holly

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