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50 BEST Breakfast Ideas

We’ve rounded up the 50 best breakfast ideas ever! From healthy breakfasts to carb-fests and everything in between, you’re sure to find something to love.


Black skillet with bacon, potato and cheddar hash topped with fried eggs and green onions.

50 BEST Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, and one of our favorites, but it’s also a tough one! We have to come up with breakfast ideas before we’ve even had coffee and that’s just, well, it can feel like a really tall order. If you’re in the same boat, not to worry! To help you out—and honestly, to help ourselves, too—we’ve rounded up 50 (yep, 5-0) breakfast recipes! From super healthy breakfast ideas to low-carb, to fancy-enough-for-Christmas breakfast to just plain old gosh-darn easy breakfast ideas, we’ve got you covered! Let’s dive in!

Salsa Verde Eggs with cilantro, cotija, radishes and lime
spinach mushroom strata baked in a dutch oven

Eggs, But Dress Them Up & Make Them Fancy.

  • Smoky Bacon, Potato and Cheddar Hash (cover photo). This breakfast hash recipe will become your new favorite breakfast!
  • Baked Eggs with Swiss Chard and Green Olives. This stunning, cream-laced baked egg recipe is an easy and luxurious way to enjoy brunch at home.
  • Salsa Verde Baked Eggs. while this sounds like something you'd order in a restaurant, it's actually a really easy dish to make. And if you're looking for healthy breakfast ideas, look no further! This one is low-carb, gluten-free and vegetarian!
  • Spinach-Mushroom Strata. Melty Swiss cheese and buttery mushrooms sautéed with fresh thyme make this savory, earthy spinach strata a make-ahead breakfast idea that’s almost too good to be true.
  • Shirred Eggs with Leeks. Like all egg recipes, shirred eggs are pretty quick and easy to make, but they're elegant enough for Christmas morning!
Soft Scrambled Eggs on a plate with chives and toasted bread
close up of migas in as a cast iron skillet with a spoon

The OG Low-Carb, Healthy Breakfast Idea: Simple, Perfect, Classic Eggs

  • Soft-scrambled eggs. Perfect, pillowy soft-scrambled eggs you can make in your sleep—now that’s a breakfast idea we can handle, even pre-coffee.
  • Migas. Corn tortillas, pan fried till just barely crisp, and then flooded with whipped egg and bright spices and quickly cooked together, migas are a Tex-Mex classic.
  • The most simple answer is often the best, and a basic boiled egg—soft-boiled or hard-boiled, it’s up to you!—is truly a no-brainer breakfast idea. Eat it on its own for a low-carb, high-protein start to the day, or with a piece of toast to round it out.
  • Huevos Rancheros. If you can open a can of beans and fry an egg, you can make this simple breakfast recipe.
  • Avocado, Chèvre and Bacon Omelette. Everyone has their favorite omelette combo, and this glorious trio is ours.
nuts and seeds granola with oats,  yogurt and fresh raspberries in a bowl
Baked Oatmeal in a baking dish With Apples, pecans and maple syrup

Cereal for Breakfast, All Grown Up!

  • Granola with Figs, Almonds and Coconut. We’re grooving on the healthy, filling, delicious alchemy that happens when you combine oats, honey, and oil with some handfuls of chopped nuts and dried fruit.
  • Apple and Maple Baked Oatmeal. Sweetened with just a kiss of maple syrup, this healthy apple baked oatmeal recipe is the ultimate fall breakfast.
  • Nuts and Seeds Granola. Having a batch of this nutty, seedy, maple-sweetened granola around the house makes mornings way easier. Plus, it’s an ultra-healthy way to start the day.
  • Overnight Oats. Maybe the easiest breakfast recipe we know of—just a few minutes of work before bed means that you get to wake up to a breakfast that’s ready when you are!
  • Six-Ingredient Breakfast Quinoa. Looking for a vegan, protein-filled, nutrient-rich breakfast idea without eggs? Look no further!
  • Norwegian Risgrøt Rice Porridge. Risgrøt—a festive Norwegian rice pudding—is a heart-warming, soul-satisfying treat that is humble, almost too easy, and impossible not to love.
two slices of coffee cake stacked topped with streusel toppings
seven zucchini muffins in parchment paper

Cake For Breakfast

  • Sour Cream Coffee Cake. Moist and tender, with a coconut-speckled crumb topping, this sour cream coffee cake is easy, delicious and—bonus!—can easily be made gluten free.
  • Mom's Zucchini Bread Muffins. When it comes to zucchini bread, we want simple and classic, and maybe a little healthy, too, and this recipe checks all the boxes.
  • Gingerbread loaf. If there’s a slice of this moist, delicious gingerbread loaf in the house, you know that’s what’s for breakfast.
  • Banana Banana Bread with Maple Mascarpone. Banana bread should taste like bananas and going heavy on the fruit—thus the name “banana banana”—makes for an incredibly moist bread.
Baked French Toast recipe in a casserole dish with a wooden spoon
Stack of banana pancakes with caramelized bananas, pecans and syrup

Homemade Pancakes & French Toast AKA Weekend Brunch Without the Wait

homemade eggs cups made with Feta, Spinach and Sun-Dried Tomatoes
bacon cheddar egg muffins with jalapeño cheddar and cilantro

Looking for a Low-Carb, Easy Make-Ahead Breakfast Idea? Say Hello to Egg Muffins!

oat scones topped with raspberry jam
Cardamom Rolls with Almond Glaze

Breakfast Rolls & Brunchy Baked Goodies

  • Oat Scones. Buttery and made moist thanks to a secret ingredient, these oat scones are a Scottish-ish riff on everyone’s favorite breakfast treat.
  • Cardamom Rolls with Almond Glaze. This cardamom roll recipe yields fluffy, tender, rich cardamom buns that will brighten even the dullest of winter mornings.
  • Dairy Free Cinnamon Rolls. These tender, gooey, dairy-free (!!) cinnamon rolls, are so delicious, no one will know that they’re vegan.
  • Coffee Cinnamon Rolls with Maple Cream Cheese Icing. We’ve taken everything you love about weekend brunch and rolled it all into one unique, sweet and sticky grown-up cinnamon roll!
  • Jam Dot Oat Scones. This recipe fuses a buttery biscuit dough with nutty oats, vanilla yogurt, and a generous dollop of jam for a fun twist on the brunch classic.
  • Monkey Bread With Vanilla and Walnuts. A super easy monkey bread recipe made with store-bought biscuit dough and studded with rich walnuts that’s ready in a flash and sure to please—that’s a breakfast idea just about anyone can get behind!
tomato basil and caramelized onion quiche with two slices cut out of it shown with a sharp knife.
Caramelized Onion Frittata with bacon and kale

Breakfast Ideas for a Crowd: Quiches & Frittatas

  • Tomato, Basil & Caramelized Onion Quiche. Combining a creamy egg base with heirloom tomatoes, fresh basil, a shaving of Parmigiano-Reggiano, and onions caramelized to perfection, this is the be-all end-all of quiche recipes.
  • Caramelized Onion Frittata. This vegetable-laden frittata stays tender, light and bouncy, even as we load it up with rich caramelized onions, tangy feta and a veritable garden of baby kale.
  • Spring Asparagus Frittata With Crème Fraîche. Frittatas are one of the easiest back-pocket breakfast recipes to learn. Memorize the basics and before you know it, you’ll be able to play around with the recipe.
  • Five Onion Tart with Arugula Salad. Like a quiche but with fewer eggs, a flaky, buttery crust, and a medley of onions cooked to caramelized perfection this tart is brunchy perfection.
Croque Madame sandwich with béchamel, a fried egg and melted cheese on a plate with a fork and knife
Sweet Potato Carnitas Hash in a pan with red and green bell peppers 2 fried eggs and cilantro

Put An Egg On It

  • Croque Madame. Piled high with ham, melted Gruyère, creamy béchamel, and topped with a fried egg, the French bistro classic croque-madame is one of our favorite indulgent breakfast ideas, ever.
  • Sweet Potato Carnitas Hash. Sweet potatoes and slow-cooker carnitas join forces for a hearty and flavor-packed hash that’s tailor made to save you from your breakfast rut.
  • Corned Beef Hash. What’s a dinner of corned beef and cabbage without the promise of corned beef hash for breakfast the next day?
  • Patatas Bravas. Crispy, fried potatoes tossed in spicy salsa brava and served with creamy garlic aioli—if this brilliant breakfast idea doesn't get your juices flowing, we don't know what will!Ham, Bacon & Sausage, Oh My!
  • Spinach Feta Wrap. Our take on a Starbucks Spinach Feta Wrap with sun-dried tomatoes, egg whites and feta. Quick, tasty and easy to batch for a crowd.
bacon cheddar and chive biscuits on a wire baking rack with chive butter
sausage breakfast casserole with hash browns in a baking dish

Ham, Bacon & Sausage, Oh My!

  • Bacon Cheddar Biscuits. Pair these with creamy scrambled eggs, and you've got a luxurious breakfast that couldn't be simpler.
  • Sausage Breakfast Casserole. The one & only! Plenty of melty cheese crowns this rich, rib-sticking breakfast casserole the king of all brunch recipes!
  • Keto Ham and Cheese Hot Pockets. Guess what?! Just because you're trying to follow a ketogenic diet doesn't mean you can't have hot pockets.
  • Turkey Breakfast Patties. These boldly flavored, Asian-inspired “breakfast” turkey patties are the perfect grab-and-go protein any time of day.
  • Breakfast Burritos. Hunting for some camping breakfast ideas? Breakfast burritos are the unsung hero of camping breakfasts! You can even make them ahead of time and freeze them.
Raspberry Oatmeal Breakfast Bars with coconut
Almond Butter Toast with Bananas, Toasted Coconut, honey and flakey salt

Don’t Forget the Fruit!

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50 BEST Breakfast Ideas

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