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May 7, 2024

Our 55 Best Mother’s Day Brunch Ideas

From the simple perfection of scrambled eggs and bacon, to an elaborate feast for crowd, this list of our best Mother's Day brunch ideas will have your menu sorted out in no time.


a homemade croque madame sandwich with Béchamel sauce, ham, Gruyère & a fried egg topped with pepper, and chives

Mothers Deserve the Best

Mother’s Day can feel like a day when you really have to bring it, but all mom really wants is to know that you put in the thought (and maybe a bit of effort, too). How many times has Mom made you breakfast? Today, it’s her turn to lounge in bed while you get busy cooking in the kitchen. Whether you’re hunting for rich and savory breakfast recipes, like Eggs Benedict or homemade Biscuits and Gravy, or your mom prefers simpler fare like perfect Scrambled Eggs, toast and bacon, you’ll find the perfect Mother’s Day brunch idea on this list.

Decor can be simple; Set the table with her favorite table cloth, put out the nice dishes, and don’t skimp on the flowers! Mix up a special brunch cocktail (or mocktail), keep the coffee flowing, and make all of her favorite foods for a party to celebrate your one and only Mom! For even more easy homemade brunch ideas, check out our 50 BEST Breakfast Ideas!

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How to Make French Toast

4 slices of homemade French toast topped with sliced butter and maple syrup on a plate with a fork beside it

Nothing fancy—simply how to make the very best French toast your mom has ever had! Now, pass the maple syrup.

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Baked Oatmeal

a slice of baked oatmeal seasoned with maple, cinnamon & nutmeg drizzled with milk and topped with fresh berries

If you're feeding a crowd on Mother's Day, this on a hearty baked oatmeal is a cozy, easy recipe to add to your menu.

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How to Cook Bacon in the Oven

8 slices of bacon cooked in the oven on a parchment paper lined baking sheet

It may not be the newest idea ever, but brunch isn't brunch without bacon. Baking it in the oven keeps your stove top free for other dishes Mom loves, like creamy scrambled eggs and perfect pancakes.

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Spinach Mushroom Strata

spinach mushroom strata baked in a dutch oven

Melty Swiss cheese and buttery mushrooms sautéed with fresh thyme make this savory, earthy spinach strata recipe for your Mother's Day crew, and everyone will thank you!

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Croque Madame

a homemade croque madame sandwich with Béchamel sauce, ham, Gruyère & a fried egg topped with pepper, and chives

Piled high with ham, melted Gruyère, creamy béchamel, and topped with a fried egg, serving a croque-madame on Mother's Day is almost as good as flying her to Paris.

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Poached Eggs

Pink plate with a piece of toast and a poached egg with salt and pepper

Yes, you can make poached eggs for a crowd! We’ve got all of the tricks and tips you’ll need to ensure you end up with poached egg perfection.

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How To Make Eggs Benedict

homemade eggs Benedict made with Canadian bacon and homemade hollandaise sauce on a plate with a fork

Who doesn't love eggs benedict? This recipe can easily be scaled up to serve a large group, and you can do quite a bit of the prep in advance, making it perfect for your Mother's Day menu.

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The Best Egg Salad Sandwich

an egg salad sandwich with romaine lettuce cut in half on a piece of parchment paper with small pickles on a toothpick on top

If brunch tends to veer right on into actual lunch in your family, why not cut to the chase and serve up an egg salad sandwich instead of a more traditional brunch idea? Add some potato chips on the side (and maybe a glass of bubbly) and no one will be mad about it.

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French Omelette

a homemade French omelette sprinkled with parsley on a plate next to a simple salad of crisp lettuce and thinly sliced radish

Three ingredients and some major technique create what is arguably the most iconic French recipe of all: a classic French omelette.

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Quiche Lorraine

homemade quiche Lorraine with a slice cut out

Creamy and rich, studded with ham and nutty Gruyère, this classic quiche Lorraine recipe makes a dreamy meal anytime of the day.

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Baked Eggs with Swiss Chard and Green Olives

Baked Eggs with Swiss Chard and Green Olives

Cooked in warm cream studded with chard and buttery green castelvetrano olives, this stunning baked egg recipe is a simple and luxurious way to enjoy Mother's Day brunch at home.

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Soft-Scrambled Eggs

Soft Scrambled Eggs on a plate with chives and toasted bread

If you know how to make perfectly creamy, fluffy soft-scrambled eggs, you’ve got the skills you need to succeed — in the kitchen, in love, in life. Prove to Mom that you're doing A-OK by serving up perfection for Mother's Day brunch.

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Deviled Eggs

blue plate with deviled eggs topped with radishes, pickled onions, bacon and pickles

Though the name implies otherwise, these classic deviled eggs are nothing short of heavenly.

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Shirred Eggs with Leeks

4 ramekins with eggs baked in cream with red bell peppers and leeks

Creamy, parmesan dusted shirred eggs studded with leeks and peppers are a festive, indulgent breakfast, ideal for a springy Mother's Day feast.

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Asparagus Frittata With Crème Fraîche

Asparagus Frittata With Crème Fraîche in a cast iron pan

This asparagus frittata with Gruyère, fresh herbs and crème fraîche celebrates springtime, which happens to be right when Mother's Day falls.

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Potato Rösti with Eggs and Asparagus

Potato Rösti with Eggs and Asparagus  in a casserole dish

Golden brown and gorgeous, topped with sunny, runny eggs and just-so asparagus, this cheesy potato rösti recipe is one of our favorite Mother's Day brunch ideas because it's elegant but ultimately simple, too.

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Potato Pancakes

homemade potato pancakes on a plate topped with a dollop of sour cream

Rich with onions and fried to a perfectly crisp golden brown, our potato pancake recipe was handed down from Natalie’s grandma and we’re thrilled to share it with you.

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Sausage Breakfast Casserole

Sausage Breakfast Casserole with hash browns and green onions in a baking dish

The classic breakfast trio of eggs, sausage and hash browns, all in one baking dish! Plenty of melty cheese crowns this rich, rib-sticking breakfast casserole the king of all brunch recipes!

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Crispy Roasted Potatoes with Gremolata

Crispy Roasted Potatoes With Gremolata on a baking sheet

In which we teach you how to make perfect, crispy roasted potatoes and then convince you that you should serve those perfect potatoes with gremolata for a truly transcendent potato experience. Mom is worth it!

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Rosemary Roasted Potatoes

Roasted Rosemary Potatoes 10

The simplest Mother's Day brunch ideas might be best — rosemary potatoes, perfect poached eggs, and crisp bacon with a piping hot mug of coffee just how she likes it. Don't forget a quiet house and a pile of books. Now, tip toe away.

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Belgian Waffles

a stack of homemade Belgian waffles on a plate topped with butter and having warm syrup poured over them

Buttery, rich and perfectly golden-crisp, these restaurant-perfect Belgian waffles are what lazy brunch dreams are made of.

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Buttermilk Pancakes

stack of buttermilk pancakes topped with butter and dripping with syrup

Fluffy, tender and hot off the griddle, there’s nothing like waking up to a butter-topped stack of homemade buttermilk pancakes.

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Banana Pancakes with Caramelized Bananas and Toasted Pecans

Stack of banana pancakes with caramelized bananas, pecans and syrup

Banana pancakes with caramelized bananas and toasted pecans are the perfect Mother's Day brunch idea if your mom has a sweet tooth.

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Dairy Free Cinnamon Rolls

Dairy free cinnamon rolls in a pan on a baking sheet with maple frosting

These tender, gooey, dairy-free (!!) cinnamon rolls, are so delicious, no one will know that they’re vegan.

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Dutch Baby Pancake

Homemade Dutch baby pancake in a cast iron skillet topped with whipped cream, powdered sugar, berries and lemon

Extremely simple ingredients yield a showy, puffed-up, popover-like, oven-baked Dutch baby pancake that’s buttery, delicate, and delicious.

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Paper Plane

a paper plane cocktail in a coupe glass with a small paper airplane attached to the side of the glass

If your mom likes to have a little tipple with brunch, serve up a fancy drink alongside that coffee or tea. Yum!

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Rosé Sangria

Rosé sangria in a salt-rim glass

As if you didn't love rosé enough as-is, we’ve gone and loaded it with citrus, spiked it with gin, and then topped it off with a fizzy glug of club soda. Mom will love it.

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three homemade Palomas in a salt rimmed glasses over ice garnished with grapefruit wedges with extra wedges on the counter

Blushing with grapefruit and just the right tequila kick, the Paloma is a Mexican cocktail that’s as refreshing as a Pacific breeze on a hot day. It'll take mom to the tropical locales that she dreams of — at least in spirit!

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Grapefruit Pisco Sour with Orange Bitters

Grapefruit Pisco Sour with Orange Bitters in a cocktail glass

The classic pisco sour cocktail sings with clean, tart flavors, and while we love it as-is, we’ve riffed on it a bit—grapefruit instead of lime juice and a splash of orange bitters. Yum!

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Rhubarb Mint Margarita with Jalapeño Tequila

bright pink Rhubarb Mint Margarita with Jalapeño Tequila with lime

Rosy, refreshing rhubarb-mint simple syrup and jalapeño tequila make this spicy, tangy springtime cocktail perfect for brunch o'clock.

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Chai Tea Concentrate

Mug on a plate with homemade chai tea

If your Mom is not a cocktails-with-breakfast person, serve up some homemade chai with her Mother's Day brunch instead. Warm, perfectly sweet and spicy with just enough buzz to boost her into the day.

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Almond Butter Toast With Bananas And Toasted Coconut

Almond Butter Toast with Bananas, Toasted Coconut, honey and flakey salt

Let’s talk toast. Specifically almond butter toast topped with thick slices of banana, a generous sprinkling of coconut, a drizzle of honey, and finished with a pinch of fancy salt.

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Granola with Figs, Almonds and Coconut

homemade vanilla granola with figs, almonds and coconut flakes in a bowl with yogurt

Let’s talk toast. Specifically almond butter toast topped with thick slices of banana, a generous sprinkling of coconut, a drizzle of honey, and finished with a pinch of fancy salt.

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Easy Homemade Granola

Easy Homemade Granola made with oats, almonds, salt, brown sugar, syrup, oil and vanilla extract

Crunchy, clusters of oat and almonds make this simple granola recipe a crowd pleaser.

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Nuts & Seeds Granola

nuts and seeds granola with oats,  yogurt and fresh raspberries in a bowl

This nutty, seedy, maple-sweetened granola makes mornings way easier. Serve it over Greek yogurt with honey and fresh berries for a power-packed breakfast the whole family will love.

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Sour Cream Coffee Cake

two slices of sour cream coffee stacked on a grey plate with a fork

Moist and tender, with a coconut-speckled crumb topping, this sour cream coffee cake is easy, delicious and—bonus!—can easily be made gluten free.

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Jam Dot Oat Scones

a plate of homemade jam dot oat scones filled with assorted fruit jams

Intimidated by scones? Don’t be! Our jam dot oat scones fuse a buttery biscuit dough with nutty oats, vanilla yogurt, and a generous dollop of jam for a fun twist on the brunch classic.

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Raspberry Breakfast Bar

Raspberry Oatmeal Breakfast Bars stacked on a plate next to fresh raspberries.

Our quick, easy, and oh-so delicious raspberry breakfast bars are studded with tart, honey-sweetened berry bites baked between two oatmeal-laden layers. Send Mom home with the leftovers so she can nibble all week long.

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Yogurt and Olive Oil Pistachio Cake With Lemon Buttercream

Yogurt and olive oil pistachio cake with lemon buttercream on a pink cake stand

This yogurt-olive oil cake with a thin layer of lemony buttercream is irresistable and yes, you can serve cake for brunch.

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Olive Oil Cake

Olive Oil Cake made with lemon topped with whipped cream and berries on a plate

A generous pour of olive oil means this (dairy-free) lemon cake is moist and tender, while both lemon zest and lemon juice make it sing with juicy, sunny goodness. Cake and coffee are all the brunch that some moms truly want, after all.

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Oat Scones

homemade oat scones on a white surface with a spoonful of raspberry jam

Buttery and made moist thanks to a secret ingredient, these oat scones are a Scottish-ish riff on everyone’s favorite breakfast treat.

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Mixed Berry Shortcake

Mixed berry short cake with whipped cream on a plate

Warm from the sun and bursting with crimson juice, fresh berries embody summer more than anything else. Celebrate their ripe perfection with this simple, classic mixed berry shortcake.

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Biscuits and Gravy

homemade buttermilk biscuits topped with homemade sausage gravy on a plate with a fork and knife

Homemade sausage gravy and tender buttermilk biscuits are nothing short of the ultimate way to start your morning.

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Shrimp and Avocado Salad with Dill Dressing

Shrimp and Avocado Salad with Dill Dressing on a platter

If your mom really is not a morning person, maybe it a true lunch instead of a brunch! Serve up this light and colorful salad of crunchy romaine, steamed shrimp, avocado, cucumbers, and hard boiled eggs with a fresh and creamy dill dressing.

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Burrata Salad with Summer Berries & Pistachios

Burrata Salad with Summer Berries & Pistachios tossed with homemade balsamic vinaigrette in a serving bowl with salad servers

Meet burrata, mozzarella’s cool sibling who makes any recipe they show up to that much more delicious. Indulgent, simple and gorgeous, it's absolutely worthy of Mom.

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Fruit Salad

homemade fruit salad mixed with an orange juice dressing and mint leaves on a platter on the counter

Juicy, sweet and oh-so-colorful, there’s nothing like fresh fruit salad! Our favorite fruit salad recipe gets a serious burst of sweetness from a light orange-mint dressing, too.

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Butter Lettuce Salad with Honey Mustard Vinaigrette

Butter Lettuce Salad with honey mustard vinaigrette in a bowl

In this simple salad recipe, vibrant lettuce leaves live their best lives, dressed in a tangy homemade vinaigrette and accompanied by creamy avocado and crisp radishes. It's a nice refreshing counterpart to heavier brunch staples like eggs and bacon.

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Spring Salad With Barley and Lemon Chive Vinaigrette

Spring Barley Salad with lemon chive vinaigrette dried cranberries and sunflower seeds

Dressed with a chive vinaigrette, crunchy sunflower seeds and tart cranberries, this barley salad is an edible celebration of the cusp of spring.

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Simple Butter Lettuce Salad

a simple butter lettuce salad with apple cider vinaigrette, olives, breadcrumbs, chives, manchego cheese and ground pepper

Composed of tender butter lettuce leaves, briny green olives and salty slivers of aged manchego, our butter lettuce salad is a feast for the eyes and the palate.

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Spring Cobb Salad

spring cobb salad with boiled egg, pancetta, asparagus, avocado, goat cheese, snap pea, sunflower seed & herb vinaigrette

Yes, Cobb salad makes great brunch fare. And this springy one was made for Mother's Day!

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Baked Salmon with Grapefruit Salad

Salmon Salad with grapefruit and avocado

Moist, flaky, melt-in-your-mouth salmon perfection. This is the baked salmon recipe you’ve been waiting for. Oh, and did we mention it cooks in just 15 minutes?!

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Blackberry Goat Cheese Salad

Arugula salad topped with blackberries, chevre, pistachios and a honey mustard salad dressing.

A little sweet, a little fresh and a lot healthy, this lovely salad makes a light meal on its own or a beautiful addition to most any Mother's Day brunch menu.

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Grapefruit Anise Salad

star anise-grapefruit salad on a plate

This simple, star anise-grapefruit salad is as welcome as an after-school treat as it is as a Mother's Day dessert.

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Avocado and Melon Salad

avocado and melon salad with fresh basil and drizzled with homemade dressing on a serving platter

An effortless and fresh melon and avocado salad for Mother's Day that will surprise and delight her.

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Watermelon Salad

watermelon salad in a serving bowl made with, cucumber, red onion, feta, mint and basil with a balsamic dressing

Watermelon is a joyous fruit, any way you slice it. It signals warm weather and gatherings with loved ones. This salad is a celebration of watermelon, with fresh herbs, feta, and cucumber.

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Our 55 Best Mother’s Day Brunch Ideas

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  • Tresa

    My husband always makes me your baked french toast and migas for mother's day. Chef's kiss*

    Yum! Glad you love them!

  • Jenn

    So many winners! I've had the Baked Salmon with Grapefruit Salad before and definitely making that for my mom this Mother's day.

    Thanks Jenn, hope your mom loves it. Happy Mother's Day!