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January 31, 2024

Best Salmon Recipes

We’ve rounded up 30 of the best salmon recipes the internet has to offer! Quick, practical and delicious, these are our very favorite ways to use salmon for lunch or dinner!


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homemade parmesan crusted salmon on parchment paper flaked with a fork and served with lemon wedges

Our Favorite Salmon Recipes

We’ve rounded up the best salmon recipes The Modern Proper has to offer! Quick, practical and delicious, these are our very favorite ways to use salmon for lunch or dinner!

Our Favorite Salmon Bowls

Seared, baked or raw salmon over a fluffy scoop of steamed rice topped with a plethora of delicious toppings. It’s all here, in our favorite salmon bowl recipes.

Salmon Salads For a Quick Easy Dinner

Moist, flaky, melt-in-your-mouth salmon perfection. These salmon salad recipes are the ones you’ve been waiting for.

Our Easiest Salmon Recipes

If you’re not sure how to cook salmon, look no further! These easy salmon recipes are as healthy and simple as can be!

Sunny Weather Salmon Dishes

Gather some fresh ingredients and fire up the grill. These salmon recipes are perfect for spring and summer when you just don’t want to usrn your oven on for long!

Easy Comforting Salmon Recipes

When you just want something cozy and comforting, but you also want salmon! Here are some recipe ideas we know you will love!

More of our best Salmon Recipes

Looking for even more creative ways to cook salmon. Here are a few of our very best salmon recipes.

We hope you enjoy these salmon recipes!

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Best Salmon Recipes

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  • Becca

    Great recipe and really simple!! Reduced the amount of fresh ginger to one "finger", marinated the salmon for about 15 minutes, and soaked the cucumber in a little rice vinegar before adding as a topping. House favorite!

    Thanks Becca, so glad you all love it!

  • Maria

    With a freezer full of salmon and a handful of recipes on repeat, I’m so thankful for your inspiration. I made this for our family dinner on Monday night. So good!

    Glad to hear!

  • Taylor

    These look amazing!!

    Thanks so much!

  • Abi

    Salmon is a staple in my house. 😍 this looks amazing.

    yay! Hope you get to make a lot of the recipes!

  • Delia

    Can't wait to try all of these! I love salmon, but tend to stick to the same recipe out of habit, always good to branch out.

    Yes! We love salmon for how versatile and healthy it is!