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White Bean Hummus

August 10, 2022

Creamy and full of nutrition, our zesty, garlicky white bean hummus recipe is a delicious, easy spin on classic hummus.


homemade White Bean Hummus in a bowl with paprika, olive oil and parsley

The Best White Bean Dip Recipe, Ever

While we love classic hummus, it’s fun to mix things up once in a while! This garlicky, lemony white bean hummus recipe is an easy, healthy dip we crave just as often (OK, sometimes even more often) than regular hummus! Whip up a big batch of this super easy white bean hummus, and keep it in the fridge for easy snacking, dipping and even spreading—it’s terrific on sandwiches as a creamy vegan spread that delivers some serious protein.

White beans in a bowl, tahini in a bowl, lemon juice, garlic, lemon zest, garlic, paprika, and olive oil

Is White Bean Hummus Good for You?

Yes! In fact, white bean hummus gives regular hummus a run for its money in the nutrition department. Served with a platter of vegetables for dipping, it makes a really healthy snack or even a light lunch. Olive oil and tahini both contribute ultra-healthy, plant-based fats, and white beans themselves are also loaded with nutrients—so this vegan hummus recipe is, too! White beans are a fantastic source of:

  • Fiber!

  • Folate!

  • Iron!

  • Magnesium!

  • Protein! About 11 grams of protein per 1/4 cup.

ingredients for white bean hummus in a food processor
homemade white bean hummus in a food processor

Everything You’ll Need for Our White Bean Hummus Recipe

Made mostly from pantry ingredients, it’s really easy to keep the things you’ll need to make our white bean hummus recipe on-hand for when you need a healthy snack or a quick dip to serve with chips, crackers or veggies. It comes together in no time, it’s really delicious—we’d even call it kid-friendly—and it accommodates most any dietary needs, too. In other words, it’s a total slam-dunk. Here’s everything you’ll need to make this white bean dip recipe:

  • Canned white beans. Any white bean you have around is fine—cannellini beans, navy beans or even corona beans would work. You could also use dried white beans, if that’s what you have. Just be sure to cook them first, of course! One can of beans is roughly equivalent to 1.75 cups of cooked beans.

  • Tahini

  • Olive oil

  • Lemons

  • Fresh garlic

  • Garlic powder

  • Paprika

homemade white bean hummus in a food processor

How to Make White Bean Hummus

If you’ve made hummus before, making white bean hummus will seem like child's play. Actually, even if you’ve never made hummus in your life, this recipe is going to seem super easy. It’s all about the fresh, delicious ingredients—ooooh what a little lemon zest and garlic can do—and having the patience to blend the ingredients until they’re truly smooth and creamy. Here’s how to make white bean hummus:

  1. Combine all of the ingredients in a blender or food processor.

  2. Blend on low at first, just to get things started.

  3. Blend on high for about five minutes—it’ll feel long around minute four, but it’s the only way to get it really nice and creamy. If it’s struggling to blend, add a little bit of the liquid from the canned beans (or a little more olive oil).

  4. And you’re done! It’s snack time / party time / lunch time!

homemade White Bean Hummus in a bowl with paprika, olive oil and parsley
homemade White Bean Hummus in a bowl with paprika, olive oil and parsley served with veggies

Tools You’ll Need

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homemade White Bean Hummus in a bowl with paprika, olive oil and parsley served with pita
homemade White Bean Hummus in a bowl with paprika, olive oil and parsley

A Healthy Dip To Make Again and Again

And a great recipe to put your own stamp on. If you want to dress it up, this white bean dip recipe is ready for you! Try adding some fresh herbs, or swapping in garlic scapes for the garlic or adding fresh basil—the list goes on and on. It’s a versatile, forgiving recipe (the best kind) and we hope you love it. If you make it, let us know how you like it! Share a photo and tag us on Instagram using @themodernproper and #themodernproper so that we can see your stuff! Happy eating!

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White Bean Hummus

  • Serves: 10
  • Prep Time:  15 min
  • Cook Time:  0 min
  • Calories: 142


  • 2 (15 oz) cans white beans, drained, 1/3 cup liquid reserved
  • 1/2 cup Tahini
  • 3 Tbsp Extra virgin olive oil, plus more for serving
  • 1 tsp Lemon zest
  • 1/4 cup fresh Lemon juice, from 2 lemons
  • 3 Garlic cloves, peeled
  • 1/2 tsp Sea salt
  • 1/2 tsp garlic powder
  • 1/4 tsp paprika, plus are more for serving
  • Flat leaf parsley (optional)
  • Toasted pita bread for serving


  1. Add drained white beans, 1/4 cup of the reserved liquid, tahini, olive oil, lemon zest and juice, garlic, salt, garlic powder and paprika to a high powered blender or food processor. Blend on low until ingredients are mixed together. Slowly increase the speed, and blend on high for 5 minutes until smooth and creamy, using a tamper as needed. If the hummus appears to be too dry and isn’t blending nicely, add more reserved liquid 1 tablespoon at a time.
  2. Adjust the salt to your liking. If the hummus tastes a little “flat” try adding more salt and a bit more lemon juice and blend again.
  3. To serve, use the back of a spoon to spread the hummus out into a shallow bowl, drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with chopped flat leaf parsley and paprika. Serve with warm pita and vegetables.

Nutrition Info

  • Per Serving
  • Amount
  • Calories142
  • Protein7 g
  • Carbohydrates17 g
  • Total Fat7 g
  • Dietary Fiber5 g
  • Cholesterol0 mg
  • sodium355 mg
  • Total Sugars0 g

White Bean Hummus

Questions & Reviews

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  • Dorothy

    can i use garbanzo beans and cannelini both

    Sure Dorothy!

  • Jenn

    This is so delicious! I served it for lunch with pita and veggies.

    Thanks Jenn, we are so happy you loved it!