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Easy Tiramisu

  • Serves: 9
Easy Tiramisu

There is the traditional way to make tiramisu and then there is The Modern Proper way. The same amazing flavor, but half the steps.

Where are all my Tiramisu fans at?

This creamy dessert has got to be one of the best out there. The texture and contrasting flavors are second to none, but maybe I’m biased because I love pretty much all things Italian. So much so that I may or may not claim to be a little bit Italian myself now and then (even though I have zero proof to support that claim).

Either way, Italian or not, there’s no arguing that Italy’s most famous dessert is absolutely delicious.

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There is the traditional way to make tiramisu and then there is The Modern Proper way. The same amazing flavor, but half the steps. If you’re a true Italian (rather than a poser like me) this recipe might leave you cringing, but bare with me, because you just might fall in love.

What are the ingredients for Tiramisu?

Traditionally, here is what goes into tiramisu:

  • egg yolks
  • sugar
  • whole milk
  • mascarpone cheese
  • strong coffee
  • brandy or cognac
  • Italian ladyfingers (savoiardi)
  • cocoa powder
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Easy Tiramisu 13

For the TMP shortcut version we’re keeping it simple with the bare essentials:

  • heavy cream
  • mascarpone cheese
  • strong coffee
  • ladyfingers
  • cocoa powder
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Easy Tiramisu 5

We’ve mixed things up a bit with this recipe, and made some shortcuts, but there’s one thing that can’t be skimped on. The key to this recipe is found in the coffee. Good strong coffee. We’ve recently been using the OXO’s Pour-Over Coffee Maker with Water Tank for all small batches and we can’t say enough about it.

The water tank has a small hole pattern that automatically distributes hot water evenly, mimicking how you would do a traditional pour-over or drip coffee. This amazing coffee maker makes producing strong coffee so easy because it has the all the measurements written right there, meaning you get the perfect cup every time.

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Easy Tiramisu 9

Once you have your all important cup of strong coffee, then this tiramisu is pretty simple.

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What are the ladyfingers soaked in for Tiramisu?

Coffee! This is where that good strong coffee comes in. Ladyfingers are a classic Italian cookie that are airy and absorb liquid fast, so a quick dunk in strong coffee gives them the spongy, cakey texture that makes tiramisu what it is. Mmm, I can almost taste it now, can’t you?

When using the OXO Pour-Over Coffee Maker with Water Tank, I doubled up on the recommended amount of ground coffee in order to create a very strong brew. Because we omitted brandy or cognac in this recipe, the extra strong coffee is key to capturing the delicious flavor you know and love about tiramisu.

How do you make authentic Tiramisu?

Authentic tiramisu requires liquor and well beaten eggs, but we’ve decided to skip the technical stuff and use heavy cream with mascarpone folded into it. This heavenly mixture is layered between the coffee-soaked ladyfingers, and well, the result is all the satisfaction of tiramisu in half the time and with half the mess. I know, I know, it’s brilliant.

Easy Tiramisu 3

The most challenging part about this recipe is resisting the urge to dive into the dish with a fork while it is chilling in the refrigerator overnight. Your patience will be rewarded however, once you indulge in that first perfectly layered, creamy bite. All you need to make this moment truly perfect is a great cup of coffee to go along with that tiramisu, and I have a feeling that the OXO Pour-Over Coffee Maker can help with that, as well.

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This sponsored post is written by TMP on behalf of. OXO The opinions and text are all ours. Thank you for supporting the brands we love.

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If you make this scrumptious dessert we’d love to hear about it! Tag @themodernproper and use the hashtag #themodernproper so we can admire your handiwork and drool along with you.

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Easy Tiramisu Recipe

  • Serves: 9



  1. In a stand mixer, with hand held electric mixer or by hand, beat the heavy whipping cream until stiff peaks form. Set aside.
  2. Mix the mascarpone, maple, 1 tsp cinnamon and vanilla until combined. Add in the whipped cream and beat again until smooth.
  3. Dip each lady finger into the coffee. Don’t soak the cookies or they will get too soggy. Line a 9×9″ square baking dish with a layer of lady fingers.
  4. Spread half of the whip cream mixture over the cookies. Repeat the coffee dipping with the remaining lady fingers to form another layer. Top again with the rest of the cream and chill for a minimum of 4 hours or overnight.
  5. Dust with cocoa powder and ½ tsp cinnamon before serving.