Meatball Sub Sandwich

Story by Holly
Meatball Sub Sandwich
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These Grilled Meatball Sub Sandwiches combine three of my favorite things: a grill, fresh baguette, and meatballs. 

Savory homemade meatballs and sauce are perfectly matched when served up on crusty grilled baguette and make for the most delightful summer dinner outside.

Meatball Sub Sandwich

Without a doubt, one of my favorite things about summer has to be dining al fresco. My oven gets a little vacation, because I often choose to grill my dinner, both to keep my house cooler and to enjoy the beautiful weather while it lasts. 

Recently, the most popular backyard dinner around here has been a grilled spin on a classic favorite: the meatball sub sandwich. We’ve been loving La Brea Bakery’s Take & Bake products (my kids cannot get enough of their perfectly crunchy on the outside, fluffy on the inside fresh baked bread) and the Twin French Baguettes are the perfect size and texture for this recipe. 

Meatball Sub Sandwich

Whenever I’m at my local grocer’s, I stock up on these baguettes (and either freeze or refrigerate them) so I can always have fresh baked bread on hand. There’s nothing that beats the crisp, golden crust of a fresh baked baguette, except perhaps when that baguette is grilled! You heard me right...grilled!

La Brea’s perfectly sized Twin French loaves are ideal for grilling and make the perfect start to these delicious, and easy meatball sub sandwiches. And best of all, you want have to use your oven!

To make these tasty subs, I start by whipping up a half batch of our Italian meatballs. Rather than cooking them on the stove, I thread the meatballs onto skewers. Next, I throw them on the grill alongside the baguettes that I’ve slathered in some good olive oil and wait for the magic to happen.

Meatball Sub Sandwich

What toppings do you put on a meatball sub?

To my grilled goodies I like to add a little (read: a lot of) cheese and a healthy dose of this easy tomato sauce I keep on hand. Put it all together and you’ve got yourself a perfectly tasty, 100% grilled and (almost) kitchen-free dinner. 

Meatball Sub Sandwich

If you're inspired to give these awesome meatball subs a try, be sure to complete your al fresco dining experience by pairing them with a delicious salad and refreshing drink. Here are a few of my favorite pairings: 

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Meatball Sub Sandwich

This sponsored post is written by TMP on behalf of La Brea Bakery. The opinions and text are all ours. Thank you for supporting the brands we love.

Meatball Sub Sandwich

Serves 4


1 lb ground beef
1/2 lb mild Italian sausage, ground
1/3 cup Italian parsley, finely chopped
3 garlic cloves, finely chopped
1/2 cup Italian style bread crumbs
1 egg
2 oz parmesan cheese, freshly grated
1 tsp salt
1 tsp pepper, freshly ground
2 French Baguettes
4 tbsp olive oil
8 slices fresh mozzarella cheese
1 jar good marinara sauce
fresh basil, chopped


  1. Place the beef, sausage, parsley, garlic, bread crumbs, eggs, cheese, salt & pepper in a large bowl. It is important to not over mix the meat, so use your hands to combine the meatball ingredients. Once all ingredients are combined, roll into 1.5 inch balls and thread onto 4 skewers.
  2. Place the meatball skewers on the grill. Using tongs, rotate the meatballs until cooked through and evenly browned on all sides about 8-10 minutes total, depending on grill temperature.
  3. Cut the baguette crosswise, split each piece horizontally and brush with olive oil. Place the bread face down in the grill. Flip the bread over when it is crispy and grill marks have appeared.
  4. Top each baguette with mozzarella and wait for it to melt before removing it from the grill.
  5. Place grilled meatballs onto the cheesy bread, drizzle with sauce and sprinkle with fresh basil.