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January 20, 2024

30 Best Shrimp Recipes

From classic recipes like a perfect shrimp cocktail and a cheesy, bay shrimp melt to modern favorites like bang bang shrimp pasta, we’ve rounded up the 30 best shrimp recipes ever.


shrimp fajitas in a cast iron skillet with cilantro and bell peppers

The 30 Best Shrimp Recipes, Ever

Quick, convenient and always a bit of a treat, shrimp is one of our favorite ingredients. And these shrimp recipes—the best of the internet, as far as we’re concerned—really showcase how fantastic everyone’s favorite little pink crustacean can be. You can keep a bag of shrimp on hand in the freezer and know that you’ve always got a quick and delicious dinner at your fingertips. If you feel intimidated when shopping for shrimp—because of questions about sustainability, buying fresh or frozen, or just because there are so many different types and sizes—not to worry! This post has some great tips about how to shop for shrimp. Whether you’re wondering ‘what can I make with a bag of frozen cooked shrimp?’ or ‘is there such a thing as a dinner that’s fast and fancy?’ or even just ‘can I eat shrimp cocktail for dinner?’, we’ve rounded up 30 easy shrimp recipes that will surely answer your question. But, for what it’s worth, we say a resounding YES, yes you can eat shrimp cocktail for dinner.

Garlic Shrimp Stir Fry in a an with a wooden spoon
Whole30 approved shrimp and sausage sheet pan dinner with asparagus

5 Ridiculously Easy Shrimp Recipes

  • Garlic Shrimp Stir-Fry. Cooking shrimp in a stir-fry is a natural fit for these juicy little crustaceans. Sautéed quickly over high heat, with a flavorful sauce and some veggies, this recipe is all but guaranteed to produce perfect shrimp every time.
  • Old Bay Shrimp and Sausage Sheet Pan Dinner. Big, juicy shrimp, sausage and asparagus are sprinkled with Old Bay seasoning, roasted on a sheet pan and served with a lemony aioli. YUM!
  • Shrimp Scampi En Papillote. Lemony, garlicky, buttery shrimp plus the addition of a few humble veggies make this impressive yet simple weeknight meal a fan favorite.
  • Greek Shrimp. Fresh, plump shrimp tossed with blistered, garlicky cherry tomatoes, feta and herbs, Greek shrimp is the kind of dinner that we could eat every single night.
  • Steamed Shrimp. Steaming shrimp is a great way to get the most shrimp flavor out of those little pink crustaceans. It’s easy to steam with the right tools, and yields tender shrimp in no time.
shrimp cocktail sauce with shrimp over ice on a black plate
cream cheese shrimp dip on a platter with triskets and celery

Why People Go To Parties: Shrimp Appetizers

  • Shrimp Cocktail. The one and only! Shrimp cocktail is the ultimate luxurious appetizer and THIS is the ultimate shrimp cocktail recipe—just add Champagne!

  • Cream Cheese Shrimp Dip. Cream cheese, cocktail sauce, bay shrimp and crackers. Our retro cream cheese shrimp dip is an old-school classic that’s primed for a comeback.

  • Coconut Shrimp. Not just for the occasion of dining out, we encourage you to give this quick and easy coconut shrimp recipe a try at home.

  • Shrimp Ceviche. Juicy limes, fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, creamy avocado and fresh-as-can-be shrimp come together blissfully in this ultra-cooling, refreshingly easy shrimp ceviche recipe.

bang bang shrimp pasta in a dish with green onions and limes
shrimp scampi on a blue ceramic plate topped with fresh parsley

The 4 Greatest Shrimp Pasta Recipes, Ever.

  • Bang Bang Shrimp Pasta. Whether you’re a bang bang shrimp fan, or just on the hunt for a yummy, creamy seafood pasta with a little kick, this bang bang shrimp pasta promises to hit the spot.

  • Shrimp Scampi. Our super easy shrimp scampi recipe is basically wine+butter+olive oil+a LOT of garlic+shrimp=happy. Because shrimp makes everyone happy, and shrimp scampi makes everyone the happiest. It’s nostalgic, classic, and delicious over pasta.

  • Seafood Fettuccine Alfredo. Zoom in on your fork twirling strands of creamy fettuccine noodles. It gets better, because there’s juicy shrimp and scallops on your plate too!

  • Cajun Shrimp Pasta. Want an easy pasta dish that feels cheffy without being overly elaborate? Our Cajun shrimp pasta is a super-flavorful, easy-to-make recipe, ready in a jiffy the next time company calls.

sweet coconut shrimp on a platter dipping into sweet and spicy sauce
shrimp fajitas in a cast iron skillet with cilantro, limes and bell peppers

5 Super Healthy Shrimp Recipes

  • Baked Coconut Shrimp. Crispy, crunchy, sweet-and-savory, absolutely addictive—this easy, healthy shrimp recipe is a keeper for sure. And a chili-honey dipping sauce pushes the whole thing into genius territory.
  • Shrimp Fajitas. A little taco seasoning and a spritz of fresh lime juice—these succulent skillet shrimp fajitas bring those beachy vibes right to your dinner table.
  • Shrimp and Avocado Salad with Dill Dressing. Crunchy romaine serves as the ideal vehicle for steamed shrimp, avocado, cucumbers, and hard boiled eggs with a fresh and creamy dill dressing.
  • Shrimp Louie. There’s no shrimp louie quite like a truly, madly, deeply classic shrimp louie salad—no swaps, no changes, nothing incredibly modern. We present to you, our perfect shrimp louie recipe!
  • Spicy Broccoli Rabe with White Beans and Shrimp. Shrimp and broccoli rabe are our fast-cooking friends, and a delicious accompaniment to white beans. Spice it up with red pepper flakes and top it all with freshly grated parmesan.
honey garlic shrimp lettuce cups with sticky sweet marinated shrimp Asian cabbage slaw in butter lettuce
Chimichurri Shrimp With Creamy Polenta in a bowl

Pan-Fried Shrimp Recipes

  • Sticky Shrimp Lettuce Wraps. Coated in a sticky sauce of honey, garlic, chili sauce and fresh ginger, these succulent shrimp lettuce wraps are a speedy, satisfying supper.

  • Chimichurri Shrimp with Creamy Polenta. Chimichurri sauce makes an ideal partner for jumbo shrimp, which are simply sautéed and served over creamy polenta. This Italianate riff on shrimp and grits is more than the sum of its parts.

  • Pan-Seared Citrus Shrimp Recipe. Both lemon and orange juice give this garlicky shrimp recipe plenty of zing! Serve on its own with a big salad for a truly light, healthy meal.

  • Peanut Lime Shrimp Curry. Zesty, creamy and just a bit spicy, this delicious shrimp curry recipe is as easy as it is yummy.

  • Easy Pesto Shrimp. Store-bought pesto, plus shrimp—that's about all there is to this super easy shrimp recipe. Serve over pasta, or even rice!

red curry risotto in a white skillet topped with crispy whole shrimp, fresh cilantro and toasted coconut
four shrimp melts on a sheet pan topped with fresh chives

Nothing But The Very Best Shrimp Recipes

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30 Best Shrimp Recipes

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  • Bertha

    When making a shrimp dish with additional ingreds like Noodles and you remove the tails from shri.p before adding to the dish. Thank You

    I normally do! Sometimes they get left on for prettier photos, but I don't normally serve with tail on if they are in a pasta etc.

  • Charles

    Why are shrimp always cooked with the tails on?

    You can cook them either way.

  • Marian

    Saw recipe several times on FB for shrimp. Melt butter in pan in oven add shrimp and lemon slices. Can't find it now.

    You might be thinking of our Shrimp Scampi En Papillote

  • Nita

    I need a recipe for shrimp and pea pod. Please help.

    Try our Garlic Shrimp Stir Fry!



    Beans a rice! You can look up our Restaurant-Style Mexican Rice rice and if you have an instant pot we have a delicious Instant Pot Mexican Pinto Beans recipe. Hope you enjoy!

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    Love thee recipes. Will try at least 15!

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    I've made several recipes on this site and they are all super yummy. Our family's favorite so far is the Bang Bang shrimp. I plan on making all the recipes!

    Love this Barb!!! SO happy you are enjoying our recipes!