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20 Best Fresh Tomato Recipes

20 Best Fresh Tomato Recipes

This round up of the best fresh tomato recipes will give you just the excuse you need to make something new with these ruby-hewed jewels of summer every night of the week.

Wondering how to use all those tomatoes popping up in your garden? Or perhaps how to incorporate those stunning store-bought beauties picked at their peak of freshness? Well, good news! I’m here with 20 amazing Fresh Tomato Recipes that will put all of that summer bounty to good use. So grab a pound, or twenty, of your favorite variety of sweet and supple ripe tomatoes and go to town!

This Peach and Tomato Caprese Salad is everything that’s wonderful about summer, right there on a plate.

I’m so into these Fried Green Tomatoes. The buttermilk dipping sauce takes this snack over the top.

Braised Tomatoes With Burrata

One of my favorite ways to showcase luscious tomatoes is in this braised-tomatoes with burrata dish. There’s very few things I find quite as delicious.

Calling all pizza lovers! This Heirloom Tomato Pesto Pan Pizza looks to good to be true. Can someone please make it and send one my way?

Perhaps the most unexpected tomato dish is this roundup is Fasolakia. Have you heard of it? It’s a traditional dish made with potatoes, green beans, and of course, tomatoes!

Restaurant Style Fresh Salsa 9

One word...SALSA! We have both cooked and fresh versions that are guaranteed to win everyone over.

If fresh salsa is your thing, you definitely need to make this Pico De Gallo with Cabbage. It is so crunchy and craveable!

If you have a hankering for a perfectly smoky salsa, try this Fresh Restaurant Style Salsa with charred tomatoes. It’s rich flavor and smooth texture make it a recipe you’ll come back to again and again.

If you are feeling fancy or need to impress your dinner guests how about serving them this Heirloom Tomato, Zucchini, Caramelized Onion, and Feta Galette? $5 says they’ll go for seconds and ask for the recipe.

Img 5575

If you have a bountiful garden, why not put all that produce to good use by marking this Backyard Quiche? Featuring caramelized sweet onions, garlic, basil, and of course those heavenly tomatoes, this hearty quiche is perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Did you know that you can bake eggs in tomatoes? Neither did I until I discovered this recipe for Baked Eggs in Tomato Cups. I know I’ll be trying this one soon!

Pesto Chicken Bruschetta 4

Another favorite preparation method is to eat the tomatoes raw in bruschetta. My two faves are this appetizer version of Tomato and Avocado Bruschetta and this dinner version, Pesto Chicken Bruschetta.

Have you ever had Panzanella? If not, you’re missing out! Here’s a quick guide to making this delicious Italian bread and tomato salad.

Img 1913

If you’re a true tomato lover, then I’m sure you can appreciate the beauty of a thick slice of tomato on your sandwiches. Give our spin on a classic a try with this Heirloom BLT with Pesto.

This Shrimp Melt with capers, old bay seasoning, and thickly-sliced fresh tomatoes is another sandwich that packs a big flavor punch.

This Grilled Cheese with Peak Tomatoes also sounds and looks ridiculously good.

Ratatouille 6

If you’re looking for new ways to eat meat free, add this creamy goat cheese polenta with ratatouille to your meal plan this week. You won’t be sorry.

This Secret Ingredient Tomato Basil Soup looks so good. It is made with two types of fresh tomatoes and there’s over 3 lbs of them in all! Now that’s a great way to put your garden’s bounty to use.

Three Ingredient Tomato Sauce 9

When in doubt, make those beautiful tomatoes into a sauce with this Three Ingredient Tomato Sauce. It’s seriously the best. (Any guesses on what the other two ingredients are?)

My Last and final suggestion on how to eat a fresh tomato? Simply sprinkle some wedges with flaky salt and dig in. Fresh off the vine, ripe and juicy, there’s nothing more satisfying!