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April 26, 2024

The Best Pork Chop Recipes

Tender, juicy pork chops are lean and delicious. If they’re not already part of your weeknight groove, take a gander at our best pork chop recipes and get cooking!


4 Pork Chops with Asparagus and a Lemon Sage Cream Sauce on a serving plate

Fun Pork Chop Recipes To Mix Up Your Routine

Lean and tender, pork chops really are the “other white meat.” Whether you want to dress them up or keep things weeknight-simple, we’ve rounded up our very best pork chop recipes to inspire you. From juicy, pan-seared pork chops with rich sauces like mushroom cream or savory tomato, to recipes for pork chops that coat the meat in a crispy crust of some kind (hello, Schnitzel!) there’s sure to be a pork chop meal idea here to help you decide what to serve up tonight.

2 Garlic Butter Pork Chops in a cast iron skillet

Retro-Classic Pork Chop Dinner Ideas

The olden days knew a thing or two about how to cook pork chops for dinner, and these three pork chop recipes are not messing around. Schnitzel is maybe the most classic pork chop recipe, ever, and for good reason. It’s rich and flavorful, a favorite for human beings of all ages. Shake and bake is like that, too. And buttery garlic chops — well, who would say no to garlic butter?

Fun Pork Chop Meal Ideas

The only problem with some pork chop recipes is that they’re one-and-done, meaning you still have to come up with a side dish or two. Well, these five pork chop recipes help you map out the whole meal, meaning you only have to think about one ingredient list and one recipe — hurray for that.

You’re A Pork Chop Whiz Now!

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The Best Pork Chop Recipes

Questions & Reviews

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  • Craig

    What is the best cut of pork for a schnitzel

    We. use 1-inch thick boneless chops

  • Tresa

    The hoisin glazed pork chops were so good. We've made them twice now and my husband doesn't usually like pork chops because "they're boring" but he loves these!

    YAY! Thanks Tresa, glad they were enjoyed!

  • Kristen

    This list is making my mouth water. Such beautiful recipes, can't wait to make them all.

    Thanks Kristen!