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Best Fresh Berry Recipes

Best Fresh Berry Recipes

Summer has arrived and we can think of no better way to celebrate than by making one (or two or ten) of these 20+ delicious fresh berry recipes.

Summer has arrived and we can think of no better way to celebrate than by making one (or two or ten) of these 20+ delicious fresh berry recipes.

There’s nothing I love more than sun-ripened fresh berries. I’m always looking for more ways to use them in my cooking, and this year I’ve made it my mission to put a few fabulous recipes in my back pocket as each type of berry comes into season

Raspberry Oatmeal Breakfast Bars 8

My family moved into a new house last October and, fortunately for us, we inherited loads of berries plants and bushes in the backyard. If you live in the Pacific Northwest, then you know that around here first come the strawberries, then the raspberries, the blueberries, and lastly the blackberries. We’ve got them all in the backyard and I’m so excited to have found a great selection of classic and unique recipes for each and every one of them!

It only took me 36 years to finally figure out some alternative ways to serve fresh berries other than just setting them out in a bowl in front of my guests (although I can’t say I ever received complaints about that).

So without further it is! This round up features some of my favorite berry dishes and I’m pretty confident you’ll love them, too.

Last year, I discovered the simple art of serving “Fruit Pizza” to my kids or dinner guests as a special treat.

This year I found a way to amp it up a bit...HELLO Berry Brownie Pizza. A lot more indulgent, but totally worth it!

Mixed Berry Bruschetta 11

If you’ve never experienced a dessert bruschetta, you are missing out. You have to give this Mixed Berry Bruschetta with Yogurt Spread a try. It’s perfect for the 4th of July!

I’m always in the mood for strawberry shortcake. Aren’t you? This Mixed Berry Shortcake is like a shortcake on crack (is that still an okay thing to say?).

Img 8092

Speaking of shortcake on crack (there I go again), this Marshmallow Strawberry Shortcake looks insane.

All these desserts sound great, but now I need a cocktail. This Pimm’s Cup is pure perfection.

Pimms Cup 8

If you are entertaining both kids and adults, I’d consider taking these Vodka Strawberry Lemonade Cocktails for a spin, and making some virgin for the littles.

Last but not least on the strawberry front…

THIS (!!!) Fresh Strawberry Pie sounds and looks too good to be true!

If you have plenty of raspberries on hand, or like to stock up when they go on sale, I have a few recipes I’ve recently been making with my backyard bounty.

Whip up a batch of this Simple Raspberry Jam and use it on everything starting with these Jam Dot Oat Scones or mixed into a batch of these Raspberry Jam Swirled Almond Butter Muffins.

Img 6995

We’ve already made a batch of these Raspberry Sweet Rolls, and I just know I’ll have to make another soon!

We’ve been making and freezing scones for quick summer breakfasts, and these Raspberry Almond Buttermilk Scones are next on the list.

This recipe for Raspberry Breakfast Bars is an oldie, but a goodie and always a hit with everyone who is lucky enough to snag one.

Raspberry Oatmeal Breakfast Bars 5

Now for the blueberries. I’m lucky if these end up in any recipes, because my daughter has a habit of eating them by the pint!

If you have little kids, I just know these Frozen Blueberry Bites would be a hit!

This Blueberry Sour Cream Pie is calling my name.

If you are in need of a few greens after all those sweets then give this Blueberry Feta Salad a try.

In case you were wondering when I’d get to the blueberry pancakes, well here they are in this Blueberry Pancake Ice Cream! Crazy right? I can’t wait to make it.

Blackberry Chevre Salad With Honey Mustard Dressing 4

Now onto the Blackberries (one of my personal faves):

If you are feeling like you need a few greens after all this dessert, try this Blackberry and Chevre salad with Honey Mustard Vinaigrette. Mmm.

What’s that? You’re ready for more dessert? Say no more. This classic Blackberry Cobbler might just do the trick. And BONUS, it only has 5 ingredients!

This Brown Butter Pistachio Berry Crumble will come in handy when you are feeling extra fancy.

Feeling adventurous? Good, because I’m not sure how I feel about this Blackberry Ricotta Pizza with Basil, but I definetly want to give it a try.

This Blackberry Lime Cream Cheese Coffee Cake has won my heart. I cannot wait to make it.

I hope this curated list of delicious fresh berry recipes has you happily cooking and baking in your kitchen all summer long!