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Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Need some motivation to get your spring cleaning done? Let us show you our favorite plant-based products, and what keeps us going when motivation is running low.

Spring Cleaning

Admittedly, I’m never going to be the person with the always-spotless house. Why try and be someone you’re not? Between our three kids, energetic puppy and home-run business, our home might never be tidy, but it can at least be clean.

When motivation is lacking, but the need is desperate, I can usually muster the strength to at least go after what I think of as the “big four”:

  • Clean counters.
  • Crumb-free floors.
  • An empty sink.
  • Empty laundry baskets. (Oh yes, “baskets” is definitely plural. Three kids, people!)

Just tackling those four things makes everything seem a little easier. As for which cleaning products I use, the answer is an ever-evolving one, but I will say I’m loving the new collection of Home Made Simple plant-based (!) cleaning products. Available in a few of my favorite scents—lavender, lemon and rosemary—they smell so good, they’re plant-based and they really, really work—finding all three of those things in one product line is no small feat!

Plant Blased Cleaning 1
Plant Blased Cleaning 4

Why I Choose Plant-Based Cleaning Products

When I need to stock up on cleaning products, I look first and foremost for products that I know are safe for using around our kids. Of course, I also need them to work. If I find time to tackle my “big four”, I want my house to really look and feel clean! Thankfully, Home Made Simple’s cleaning products are formulated without parabens, phthalates, phosphates, gluten or dyes AND they actually work, too. Win-win.

In case you need a little convincing, here are three reasons I choose plant-based products whenever possible:

  • Family. Reason number one is and will always be for the safety of our kids. My kids are normal and do awesome things like lick up their spills on the counters, put their hands in their mouths after touching anything and everything, and (of course) hang on my legs while I’m trying to clean. I can’t risk using any cleaning products that have labels that include words like “Toxic!” or “Warning! Flammable!”.
  • Clean air. We all panic when hear news of outdoor air being unhealthy, but what about our indoor air? I do the best I can to keep the air inside our home free of scary chemicals, and that includes using plant-based cleaners like the Home Made Simple line of cleaning products. This is especially true in the winter, when we’re not opening your windows.
  • The Environment. Unlike so many other more toxic cleaning products on the market, Home Made Simple’s products are naturally-derived and biodegradable! This means you can tackle your messes guilt-free.

Home Made Simple’s plant-based line is now available online and in stores at Walmart!

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I Don’t Know How She Does It.

So, how do you get it all done? I’d love to know! From finding the right motivation, to finding time, to finding the right cleaning product to use, what are your tricks for staying on top of the never-ending pile-up of household upkeep? We’d love to know!

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This sponsored post is written by TMP on behalf of Home Made Simple and Walmart. The opinions and text are all ours. Thank you for supporting the brands we love.