February 03, 2014

Heart On A String

Heart On A String

When the month of February comes around we somehow start to feel a little more hopeful that the rain will in fact come to an end. That a day will come when it won’t be dark while we’re making dinner. And that we will no longer be combing through pinterest for fun indoor activities.

The bulbs are popping through the ground and we find ourselves filling our calendar with spring vacations and recipes that don’t involve winter roots. We’re also digging through our closets for anything that isn’t black or grey. Have I mentioned we’re excited for winter to be over? While we wait, we still have a few more weeks to endure and we intend on making the most of it.

Next week is the love holiday. That’s right, Valentine’s Day. If you don’t have a date yet, don’t worry about it. You’ll be much more content in the comfort of your own home eating a pint of ice cream watching Downton Abbey than awkwardly waiting for a table in a stuffy restaurant. That’s where we intend to be—husbands by our sides after hopefully making the ice cream run on our behalf. But before that cozy evening, we plan on celebrating our love for our little ones.

We made these adorable paper hearts to hang over the party table where we’ll be having their friends over to exchange cards, eat treats and craft the day away.

Do you have any special Valentine’s traditions you do for your little ones? We’d love to hear them!

Fold paper as if preparing to fold in half, but only crease a one inch section in the middle. Do not crease all the way across, if you do you will have creases on the front of your completed heart.

Fold both side toward the middle one inch crease. This time fully crease the fold.

Make two more 1 inch creases in between the center 1 inch crease and the outside fold so you will end up with three 1 inch creases in-between the two outside folds. Achieve this by bringing the outside edge of the paper to outside fold. Repeat on opposite side.

Return to step two where only the two outside folds are folded in. Fold in half. Unfold and fold all four corners into the mid-line.

Unfold the corners. Now fold each corner again making a smaller triangle. See smaller fold within larger corner fold in photo above.

Open each corner and reverse the larger fold so it goes in on itself. Repeat on all sides.

On two corners, at the same end, peek inside your now reversed corner and fold down the smaller corner, so it locks into place.

Fold heart model in half.

Now to make the top part of the heart shape. You will notice the three 1 inch crease marks at the top of the heart. Fold one entire side over and crease the space between the three lines (do this on each side) creating a “V” in the center of the heart. This space will eventually invert to create the center top of the heart.

Fold outer corners down to create the top side of heart. Reopen this corner, invert tucking under.

Using your index finger, gently invert the creases at the top of the heart to finish your heart shape.

Using a sharp tool or the corner of your scissors poke a small hole in the top of your heart. String knotted fishing line through the hole leaving the knot inside the heart. If you do not plan on hanging the heart, skip this step.

Cut off the small corners of the outside fold before the finals steps to reduce bulk.

Because we are awesome, we finished our hearts by hot gluing it all together. You should too. While you are gluing the heart, tuck the last two corners into the slit on the opposite side of the heart.

In our tutorial we used card stock. If you plan on using origami or thinner paper watch this video, it includes a few steps that we didn’t use.

Paper Hearts
Makes 1 Heart

single square of card stock paper, any size
fishing line
hot glue gun

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