February 10, 2016

Double Chocolate Dutch Baby with Vanilla Bean Whipped Cream

Double Chocolate Dutch Baby with Vanilla Bean Whipped Cream

Well, we survived January and even managed to enjoy ourselves, despite having to navigate our way through our first ever round of business taxes. Yup, you heard that right! We are so proud to announce that we turned our little blog/linen shop here into a real-deal licenced business. It was a very last minute fulfilment of one of our 2015 goals for The Modern Proper. This year we are hoping to get more of a jump start on our 2016 goals for TMP and this post is the beginning of one of those

We love getting a chance to make food with others, while observing the differences and similarities in method and style...

Allow me to explain. Natalie and I started this blog together. And as anyone who has ever watched Project Runway knows, team challenges can be tough. We decide things together, we create together, and we have all the inbetweens and yes’s and no’s along the way that keep things interesting. But, as challenging as it might be at times, in our case teamwork really does make the dream work. It’s so fun to have someone to partner with in the exciting stuff and at the same time a voice of reason during the not so exciting stuff (like all those times we’ve considered throwing in the towel).

The people we’ve met over the last 2 years of working on TMP blog have been some of the best (by far) parts of what we do. So, our number one resolution for 2016 was to celebrate this beautiful blogging community we find ourselves a part of by collaborating on some posts with fellows bloggers who share our enthusiasm for delicious food. We love getting a chance to make food with others, while observing the differences and similarities in method and style, best of all, to laugh with and learn from each other. Natalie and I are so looking forward to introducing some of our favorite food bloggers to you this year….so here goes nothing.

We recently had the privilege of collaborating with Traci. Traci, of Vanilla and Bean, is one of the most delightful and positive people I have met since becoming a food blogger. She is kind, has a contagious smile and is full of insight. I came across her lovely blog while perusing the list of attendees for the International Food Bloggers Convention in Seattle, WA last September. When we bumped into each other on the first day, I was so thrilled, and by the end of the weekend I knew collaborating with her would be a dream.

Just a few weeks ago we were finally able to work together on a delicious recipe for what my family refers to as “puffy pancakes,” but are most commonly called Dutch babies or German pancakes. We hope you enjoy them and be sure to connect with Traci over at Vanilla and Bean for her fantastic take on this classic breakfast treat: Lemon Raspberry Dutch Baby with Lemon Curd.

Double Chocolate Dutch Baby with Vanilla Bean Whipped Cream

Serves 2


3 tbsp butter
1/2 cup flour
3 eggs, room temp
1/2 cup + 2 tbsp whole milk, room temp
2 tbsp cocoa powder
generous pinch of salt
1 tbsp sugar
powdered sugar
toasted coconut
cocoa nibs


1/4 cup maple syrup
2 tbsp cocoa powder
1 tbsp unsalted butter

Whipped Cream

1 cup chilled heavy cream
1/2 vanilla bean, seeds scraped
1 tbsp sugar


  1. Start with room temperature ingredients. This is easily achieved by placing eggs from the fridge in a bowl of warm water and heating the milk on the stove or in the microwave very briefly.
  2. Preheat oven to 425°F.
  3. Place the butter into a cold 10 inch cast iron pan or an 8x8 baking dish and place the pan with the butter into the oven while the oven is preheating.
  4. In a blender, using a hand mixer, or using a whisk by hand, whip the flour, eggs, milk, cocoa powder, salt and sugar. We tested this many times and got the fluffiest results by whipping our batter hand! Beat the batter until the mixture is nice and frothy.
  5. Pour the batter in the center of the hot pan. The batter should sizzle in the butter. Close the oven and watch it rise! Bake for 15 minutes.
  6. While the pancake is baking, mix all the ingredients for the chocolate syrup in a small sauce pan over medium low heat. Set aside.  
  7. In a chilled bowl, using a stand mixer with a whisk attachment or in a chilled bowl using a hand mixer, whip chilled heavy cream and scraped vanilla bean seeds on medium speed for 1 minute. With the mixer running, sprinkle in sugar. Increase speed to medium-high and beat until soft peaks form.    
  8. Let the dutch baby cool slightly before topping it with chocolate syrup and whipped cream. Sprinkle with toppings of your choice: toasted coconut, cocoa nibs or fresh fruit! 

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